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Sunbelt Clothing Company's mission is simple: to provide top-quality clothing to adventurous individuals by combining comfort with designs that are specific to the Sunbelt States. What are the Sunbelt States, you ask? Everything from California over to Florida falls into the Sunbelt. We are defined by our long summers and relatively short winters. As a result, we like to be outside! Whether it be going to the beach, camping, hiking, exploring, you name it, we're probably into it.

Sunbelt Clothing is based out of Tucson, Arizona. Our designs are inspired by these great states around us, and are 100% original to the Sunbelt brand. We try not to follow trends, but rather provide our own unique styles.

Our clothing is printed in one of the most Eco-friendly print shops in the country, because we care. If you would like to know more about this, just ask us! If not, get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of simplicity.



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